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~Welcome to the Japanese Intercultural Network~

​About J-NET:

​Japan Intercultural Network, or J-Net, is a student organization that provides members with opportunities to share and exchange ideas, knowledge, and experiences with people who have similar backgrounds and/or interests related to Japan.

J-Net has many members with diverse backgrounds. Some are students from Japan who are studying abroad and want to meet American students who are interested in Japan. There are also many American students who are planning to work in Japan and want to meet people who have lived there. And many are just people who like to meet others from various backgrounds. The vision of the J-Net founders was simply to provide members with a proper medium for cultural interaction. Whether you are a freshman just arriving from Japan, a student of Japanese, a member of the local community who would like to learn more about Japan, or even a seasoned professional at a Japanese company, the parties, newsletters, mailing list, friendships, and events are all fabulous ways for you to become a part of the Japan Intercultural Network. Enjoy!




  • To promote understanding and sharing of Japanese Culture
  • To sponsor activities that encourage interaction among students of all backgrounds
  • ​To foster a lasting network of friendships
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